Dublin Accord

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  1. What is the Dublin Accord?
    It is an agreement between the bodies responsible for accrediting engineering technician programs in each of the signatory countries. It recognizes the substantial equivalency of programs accredited by those bodies, and recommends that graduates of accredited programs in any of the signatory countries be recognized by the other countries as having met the academic requirements for entry to the practice of engineering.
  2. How can I find out if my program is recognized under the Dublin Accord?
    The list of programs currently recognized under the Dublin Accord can be searched by signatory country.
  3. How do the Dublin Accord signatories recognize qualifications earned prior to the signing of the Accord?
    Generally, the signatories only accept accredited qualifications earned from the date of acceptance of a signatory into the Accord. Therefore, the original signatories accept one another's qualifications accredited from the date of signing onward. For qualifications earned prior to the aforementioned dates, each signatory country assesses the qualifications on an individual basis. They should be contacted individually for specific policies on this matter.
  4. If a program is not recognized by the Dublin Accord, can it be submitted for recognition by the Dublin Accord signatories?
    Individual qualifications cannot be submitted for recognition under the Dublin Accord.
  5. I hold an engineering technician qualification from a non-Dublin Accord signatory country. This qualification, however, is recognized by a Dublin Accord signatory as substantially equivalent to an engineering technician qualification accredited within this signatory country. Is my qualification recognized by other Dublin Accord signatories?
    The Dublin Accord Agreement applies only to accreditations conducted by the signatories within their respective national or territorial boundaries. The signatories are not bound to recognize programs accredited or recognized as substantially equivalent by other signatories outside their national boundaries.
  6. The list of accredited programs posted by a Dublin Accord signatory includes non-engineering programs. Do Dublin Accord signatories recognize technician qualifications?
    Dublin Accord signatories recognize only engineering technician programs accredited by the respective signatories.
    Information on the technician agreements honored by individual signatories may be found on their respective websites. The Dublin Accord provides for the mutual recognition of technician programs.
  7. Do I get automatic licensure recognition in any signatory country of the Dublin Accord after completing an engineering technician program/qualification in a signatory country?
    The licensing or registration of professional engineers is not covered directly or in full by the Dublin Accord. However, the academic requirements which are part of licensing /regulation requirements are covered by the Accord.
    The licensure process differs among signatory countries. You must contact the individual signatory country to which you are applying for licensure in order to learn of national and regional licensure regulation and specific requirements for holders of overseas qualifications.